Featured Artists

Meet Your 2017 Art Crawl Artists

Christina Bauer

Christina Bauer is a self-taught oil paint and mixed media artist specializing in the merging of the beautiful and bizarre. Applying her unique view of the world to show a view showcasing how every day items become enchanted.

Sarah Bender

Sarah M Bender is an Orlando, Florida native with a feminist disposition and a complex personal history. After graduating with a BFA in Studio Art from Florida State University in 2010, she returned to the heart of tourism where she has gained both an appreciation for cultural diversity, and a longing for a cultural identity that doesn't involve mouse ears. A multi-layered struggle for a sense of belonging often finds its way into her work, which tends to be autobiographical. Bender works in oils, mixed media and ceramic sculpture.

Ingrid Brandt

Born and raised in Guatemala. Started with art lessons at the age of 8, at Escuela de Pintura Tercero Duarte. Also had art lessons with Guatemalan renowned artist, Marion de Suremain. I hold a deep passion for expressing my feelings through my paintings. The love for my family, my land, my friends and my people, together with the color and beauty that surround us, move me and inspire my work.

Wanda Brown

I am a humble self-taught artist and designer. I used a multitude of materials to create mixed medium themed art. My art is Folk based and infused with vibrant colors. My pieces are often described as Happy Art!

Joe Campbell

Joseph Campbell is a industrial Design/Mixed Media artist that uses found objects to make one of a kind works of art.

Chris Carr

I pride myself in always looking at things differently while viewing the world with unique perspective. These traits were the driving force for my Puddle Reflections photo series. The series captures surreal landscapes from nothing more than reflections in puddles. Images which evoke the idea of two worlds, colliding in one image, all brought together from one small view.

Maegan Carroll

Maegan Danielle Carroll is both a graphic designer and illustrator who calls Lakeland, Florida her home. After completing her Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design at Southeastern University, Maegan took her passion for art and design and turned it into a career. She currently works creating logos, illustrating children's books, selling art prints, vending at local art shows, and taking custom commissions. Her style consists mostly of simplistic and minimalistic designs in subtle colors or black and white. The majority of her artwork is mixed media, which are created by outlining and shading darker areas with India ink, and then adding mid-tones with watercolor paints. Some of her more unique pieces can be described as word drawings. This particular type of artwork is created using words from stories, poems, songs, and Bible verses to form the line, shading, and textures of these pieces. People feel what they see and art has the ability to evoke feelings in its viewer through the use of color, pattern, subject, and style. Maegan wants people to feel serene, light, and encouraged when they view her artwork.

Steven Chayt

Steven Chayt received an MFA from California Institute of the Arts in the early 1970's, but chose to pursue a career in printing and graphic design. He taught graphic design in Polk County for 25 years, and upon retirement decided to rekindle his interest in making art. His first piece was a controversial 24 foot chair called the HOHO Chair. Since then he has been producing digital prints on canvas that combine images and text.

Maria Del Castillo

Born and raised in Lakeland FL. Enjoys working on wood with acrylics. Hopes to grow more as an artist in the years to come.

Crystal Dombrosky

Contemporary Expressive Fine Art Painter. Combining self expression with vibrant color to connect the literal and subconscious mind through art. Self taught Apopka, Florida artist relocated from New York in 1995. Featured Artist Workshop at Epcot International Festival of the Arts in 2017. Selected by International jury for the Gallery at Mills Park Summer Exhibit 2017.

Cheryl Dossey

Cheryl is a mixed media/assemblage artist. She loves to mix the old with the new. Found vintage ephemera, objects and antique images are thoughtfully placed in her collage and assemblage pieces. Collectors describe her work as soft, freshly original with a light whimsical charm. Each piece is an original expression of the peace and connection she finds within her collection of used and discarded items.

Rachelle Eason

Rachelle Eason is an artist, potter, teacher and inspirer. She is the owner and Chief Imagination Officer of BoiLeD BooKs, LLC. BoiLeD BooKs are colorful and textured eco-printed paper designs created through plant staining achieved by boiling. The fine art of Rachelle Eason as well as the BoiLeD BooKs product line of journals, stationery, and decorative wall art are collected by art enthusiasts all over the world.

Christina Eve

I see sound and paint music. I have synesthesia, a neurological condition that merges my audio and visual senses. I manipulate acrylic and alcohol inks with blown air, palette knives and sponges to visually depict music and sound.

Katie Fernandez

Katie Fernandez is an artist from Auburndale, FL. She teaches art at Auburndale Central Elementary school and teaches the After School Art class at the Polk Museum of Art in Lakeland, FL. She has won several artist awards as a student at Polk State College.

Peggy Gallaher

A native Floridian. Studying the arts my whole adult life first at SPC and then completing a BA at USF in 1998. My passion for the last twenty years has been exploring found materials and creating meaningful images.

Randy Glotfelty

Getting off the school bus in front of my moms Dixieland ceramic shop had a huge impact to my future as an artist. I have spent the last 30 years in the fired arts industry and have worked with artists from all over the wold. It continues to inspire me to create and grow as an artist.

Jenni Gregory

Jenni Gregory draws and paints comic books, birds, flowers and fun spooky things. She constantly daydreams and firmly believes in all things magical and whimsical. She grew up in Springfield, VA, went to BYU and now lives in Davenport, FL with her husban, three kids and a very big bad dog.

Timothy Hall

While self-taught in my creative techniques, I have also trained within the University of Buffalo: Creative Craft Center and Palm Beach Photographic Center Life offers many visuals of aesthetic beauty that may not initially be recognized by the naked eye. My approach is discovering and capturing these visuals without using Photoshop to compromise it's natural color and beauty. In essence that’s my approach to my art. Yes, this can make for some significant challenges in relation to finding objects, wildlife, and nature that will help me realize my vision. However, being able to view them from a different perspective and recording it, is the fuel for my art.

Angela Hansen

Angela Hansen is an oil painter that specializes in abstracting landscapes creating representational and non-representational compositions using texture and vivid colors. She has participated in shows in FL, MD, VA, and WV. Her art is inspired by nature.

Taylor Haynes

I am a freshman at Harrison School of the Arts in Lakeland. I began sketching at a young age and with the guidance of many great art teachers, I have participated in several art shows and competitions. I am excited to be part of the local art community through Art Crawl, and believe this experience will further my growth as an artist!

Seungdo Shaedon Hyun

Seungdo Shaedon Hyun is an illustrator from South Korea. He wants to share his thoughts and inspirations of our life through his work.

Sara Jones

I use found objects, photography, drawing, painting, and whatever else is handed to me to make my work. The inspiration is life experience, the motivation is the people I come into contact with. Do you remember your happiest moment? Do you still cringe at your worst memory? Do you understand your feelings? Do you have faith in something? Let's put in down on paper so we don't forget. Let's paint it on a canvas so we can share it with others.

Allison Larese

Ally Larese is an a student of architecture who presently works for the Tampa YMCA as an aquatics Coordinator. She hopes one day to be an architect who continues to passionately pursue the creation of all forms of art, including the art of life!

Brannan Lawson

I am currently the Hillcrest Elementary, visual arts teacher. I have been teaching art there for the last eight years. The last 2 years I have picked up my own paintbrush and have worked hard to create my own personal style. Painting abstract floral paintings with many chaotic layers has become my favorite type of painting. Jewelry making is another obsession I use for a creative outlet. I am known for wearing funky jewelry and I love painting beads and pairing together different bead texture to create unique and one of a kind jewelry for others to enjoy.

Vikash Mahadeo

Photographer at Bird's Eye Drones, capturing photos portraying wildlife, nature, and architecture throughout the Central Florida area.

Matthew Maher

Matt Maher is a metal sculptor from Orlando, FL. His artwork blends a variety of materials such as metal, wood, stone and miscellaneous found objects. Sticking to the three fundamentals of design; color, texture and line, Matt creates one of a kind artwork.

Tejal Mehta

Tejal Mehta is a henna artist from Chicago and received her BA from Columbia College Chicago. After getting her degree Tejal did some freelance work as wedding/corporate videographer. Meanwhile, she also started doing henna at festivals; the art which she grew up with; in India. Having a successful and beautiful career in Chicago; Tejal’s whole family moved to Florida. She has been missing that beauty of art and would love to start the whole henna culture in Lakeland and hopefully bring it to mainstream art in Lakeland.

Katherine Michael

Katherine Michael is a self taught, folk artist who started painting shortly after moving to Florida in 1999. Inspired by the vibrant colors of nature, she works diligently to create a storybook with her paintings. "My goal as an artist is to create simple joyful painting. Communicating through visual art is something I want to do for the rest of my life."

Trisha Michelle

Influenced by the styles of the art nouveau and impressionist movements, my work features nature inspired subject matters painted in brightly saturated hues and heavy textures. As an artist inspired by a passion for travel and nature, I endeavor to create art experience that invokes positive energy and sentiments of joy, adventure, and intrigue.

Marcia Morse Mullins

My functional baskets and sculptural weavings are made of hand-pounded black ash and other natural fibers. Sculptural forms are built upon frameworks of gnarly roots, twisted vines, shed deer antlers, and English willow. Traditional pieces feature complex twills, intricate spirals, and contrasting hardwoods. I begin with a tree; by the time I can begin weaving, I have spent a month reducing its form and learning all that the tree wants me to know. I have it done it this way for 30 years: honoring the tradition, listening to the tree, and resisting the urge to mechanize.

Roseliza Nheik

Roseliza Nheik is a first generation Cambodian-American artist. As an autodidact, her unique style is influenced by street art and abstract paintings. Coming from a Khmer refugee family, her art work not only depicts the Cambodian culture, but she also includes various other cultures around the world. Her style of art involves using mixed media as she thoughtfully chooses colors to create a dark, but bright sultry look. By using this method, she is able to intricately capture and bring to life each minor detail of her paintings.

Rebecca Nipper

Rebecca Nipper, an avid animal lover, will make friends with any critter she can find, be they furred, feathered, finned or scaly. Her watercolor paintings reflect nature as she sees it and wishes to see it. Her artwork includes themes that include more realistic wildlife paintings to whimsical fantasy inspired illustrations.

Rick Olivo

Rick has been drawing and creating since he can remember. He was accepted and graduated from the High School of Art and Design in NYC at the age of 13. He was also accepted into the society of illustrators and studied under the sculptor who created the Heisman trophy. Rick is an air force Vietnam vet and holds a B.A. in English Lit. He taught art and theater for more than 40 years, among his students are an academy award winner and a Tony winner. His work can be found in public and private collections worldwide.

Tabitha Pennekamp

Tabitha Pennekamp investigates visually and tactilely rich surfaces to engage the onlooker in deeper relationships and associations with the work. Intriguing a viewer to interact allows for a more personal connection with the work, which will bring that viewer into the present moment. Pennekamp was born in 1986 in Fort Wayne, Indiana and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois. She moved to Florida to attend Florida Atlantic University where she obtained her Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics.

Frank Pizzuro

I have been doing custom artwork my whole life and have been doing it for a living since 2006. Including murals art & designs for homes and business and airbrushed art on motorcycles and cars. I love doing art and I am looking forward to working on a project with you!

Jacoub Reyes

Jacoub Reyes is an Orlando-based printmaker. His large-scale woodblock prints and collages are made from found materials. He aims to shed light on the effects of colonialism by using contemporary social issues and religious mysticism.

Kaitlyn Reynolds

Kaitlyn Reynolds is an illustrator from Lakeland, Florida. She attended Harrison School for the Arts (Visual Arts 2010) and Moore College of Art and Design(Illustration BFA 2014). She currently works at McLaughlin Middle School in Lake Wales, as well as Lakeland Community Theater and Michaels Arts & Crafts stores. In her free time, Kaitlyn likes to draw mermaids, fairytales, and children's book art.

Christopher Roll

Chris Roll teaches Drawing and Painting at Lakeland High School. He and his fiance share a studio space at Art/ifact studio in downtown Lakeland, FL. He spends his free time watching soccer and drinking coffee.

Sherry Ross

Sherry Ross is a veteran art teacher, mom, and fiber hoarder. She's decided it's time to put on her big girl art pants and show her artwork. She also has an odd habit of speaking about herself in the third person.

Alejandro Ruiz

Revel is a live speed artist that paints amazing things on cardboard boxes. Even more incredible is how this entertainer does it, upside down! In early 2014 he discovered his talent and has been wowing audience across the United States ever since. He has even been featured on television shows like TBN. Jesus flipped his life upside down so now he's showing the world through his art. Be part of the Revel-ation.

Daniel Simmons

I am a Florida photographer that finds himself reaching for the cameras found on decoration shelves. I love capturing interesting places and streets as much as I love the smell of mixed chemicals and the hue of a red, darkroom safe-light. I enjoy sharing the sense of accomplishment when a roll of film turns out exactly the way it should. Photography utilizes connection and brings people together in special ways, both in front of and behind the lens. In my case, photography introspectively developed attributes of myself that I didn't know existed; it seems to continually bring parts of myself together. My dad was a photographer for the FBI in the beginning of his career and I feel that using many of my dad's cameras helps memorialize him since his passing.

Don Stone

I am a self taught artist. I paint in acrylics and with pen on woos, found wood, metal and canvas.

Robert (Tim) Thomas

Yorlett Tovar

I am Venezuelan, student of Plastic Arts in my country. My favorite techniques are geometric abstractism and art pop. I've been combining these two techniques and I really love it.

Remmick Wadsworth

Matthew Wengerd & Jon Sierra

Matthew and Jon are engaged in a conversation about art + design. Improvising and dialoguing, paintbrushes and rattle cans in-hand.

Kyle Wheatley

Kyle Wheatley is a self-taught mixed media and sculpture artist specializing in showcasing bold statements and colors. Adding a fun and unique flair to every canvas or sculpture piece, merging every day views with a graffiti twist.

Carla Wilkins

Carla is a certified art teacher in the state of Florida, grades K-12. She is currently taking time away from teaching to paint full time, a life-long dream. She uses oils, watercolors and mixed-media. She is grateful to all parents who support their child’s dreams of pursuing art careers as an adult.

Keith Williams

My name is Keith Williams, 30, and I'm a Florida native. As a child, I took apart my toys and made new ones from the pieces; likewise, I sketched 2-D pencil and ink daily. My entire life I've had the passion to create, and then I learned to weld! I did shop work for 10 years but not art. While working for Corporate America, I have purchased a large amount of metal working equipment and simultaneously set out on a creative path by day. It's difficult working 20 hours a day, but I'm so happy to sit and make art that brings a smile to people's face. Through my art I have learned much about myself, business, the arts, and life. This is the third time I've applied for this show, and I'm very excited to be a part of it and the local art scene.