Thank You to Our Sponsors

Thank You To Our 2017 Sponsors!

It is only through the generosity of our sponsors, partners and supporters that we are able to foster the cultivation of local artists, art education and community enrichment. Together, we believe we can make a difference in the community at large…building relationships with artists, art organizations, sponsors and the community to bring about awareness, support and collaboration for the arts.

iNK Logo High Res

iNK Screen Printing is an apparel printing company in Lakeland, FL owned and operated by Andrew Jones and Justin James. Our mission is providing customers with great products, affordable prices, and top-notch services while keeping a focus on staying environmentally friendly and community tied.


Torch Designs was born from the passion and spirit of a creative professional that wanted to take average business design to new levels. We are not just another design agency in an overcrowded market. Torch has heart. That’s what makes us stronger, because we love our customers, and we make it our goal to help every customer stand out from the crowd by finding the perfect creative and marketing solutions to make their businesses grow.

Wilson Decker, Inc.

GEICO logo

Giving back and making our communities stronger. It may not sound like the work of a large insurance company. It may even sound too serious for the folks who bring you the quirky commercials and adorable Gecko! At GEICO, however, our commitment to provide outstanding community service is no less than our goal to provide excellent customer service to our policyholders.


Our mission is to provide a menu of expert, professional consultation services in the fields of structural and forensic engineering, geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, building sciences, and geology throughout the state of Florida.  Grindley Williams Engineering ensures the practice of public safety, health and welfare.


Since 1975, we have helped our clients plan for the future and achieve financial independence. We believe that building trusting and long-lasting relationships with our clients is the key to crafting comprehensive financial plans that deliver long-term security and success. Our goal is help our clients make the choice between work and retirement based on desire—not necessity.


Black & Brew serves as a hub to the entire city of Lakeland. Friendships are forged, romances kindled, and business deals sealed in an environment that was created to facilitate connections and remind us of our humanity. Our mission continues to be to “provide a unique and uplifting experience for each of our guests…” In practical terms, that means creating an atmosphere that is warm, inviting and inclusive. A place where everyone is welcome, at any time, for any reason.


Micheline SalonSpa offers the ultimate in quality and professional service with a highly trained team in a relaxed environment with amenities such as extended hours and retail centers offering the finest products.

Patricia Kinsaul Lamb


The Lakelander is a city-based culture and lifestyle magazine. Our primary purpose is to accurately reflect our city and its diversity, to incite pride of place, and to reveal lesser known facets of our community. We connect people, sources, and ideas. We’re aspirational yet approachable, sophisticated but homegrown. We dig deeper and aren’t afraid of a little grit.

Looks Great Enterprises

Prior to opening Looks Great Enterprises, Brian Seely opened a not for profit called Gospel, Inc., which serves homeless individuals in Lakeland. Brian is the founder and CEO of Gospel, Inc. The goal in opening LGE was to provide job opportunities for people who face many challenges in the job industry because of their background and poor work history. LGE was willing to give people a second chance and to work with them despite some of the challenges that they presented. LGE also gives a majority of its profits to Gospel, Inc. and other not for profits. It exists to be a blessing to the community and to not for profits that are really caring for the people they serve.

Thank You to Our Partners & Supporters


The Polk Museum of Art enhances lives through inspirational and engaging art experiences for the community-at-large, as well as a broad network of higher education institutions throughout Florida and the Nation.

Lakeland Art Guild

Our guild is a non-profit organization whose mission is to advance the study and dissemination of fine art in all of its form, promoting the appreciation of art and fine craftsmanship and to bring talented and emerging artists in the Lakeland area to the public’s attention.


Polk Arts Alliance is the designated Local Arts Agency for Polk County, Florida. As such, PAA advocates for all the Cultural Arts Organizations in Polk County and promotes the impact of the Cultural Arts Sector as integral to the quality-of-life in our county. Polk Arts Alliance actively represents Polk County’s arts and cultural interests to agencies, governments, chambers of commerce and the business community on a national, state and local level. Polk Arts Alliance markets Polk County as a “Destination for the Arts.”


All of our products are made with passion and precision. More importantly the people we partner with are slowly changing the world in which they live by following their dream. One of the goals we have here, is to make sure that there is a story paired with all of our handmade products. To us, there is nothing more important than people. If we can bring a smile to someone’s face through what we do, mission accomplished.


We exist to support the God-given value of every person possible.